Red Nose Day – The Steiner Way.

Red Nose Day – The Steiner Way.

Red nose day was launched in the UK by the charity Comic Relief in 1988 as a day of fun and events aiming to raise money for charity, both at home and overseas. The comic relief charity was founded in 1985 by the comedy scriptwriter Richard Curtis and comedian Lenny Henry in response to famine in Ethiopia, which was brought to our TV screens via news reports and the plight of the starving people heightened the awareness of the wealthy world to the inequalities in the world. The highlight of Comic Relief’s appeal is Red Nose Day, a biennial telethon held in March, alternating with its sister project Sport Relief.     Its success is not in question, having raised more than 1 billion pounds for deserving causes.

How did Edinburgh do Red Nose Day?

Across the city there were many events being held, people were allowed to wear red nose T-Shirts to their work and an example of this was Specsavers   in Cameron Toll Shopping Centre and some schools in the city invited the pupils to wear red instead of their uniform  and give a donation. Broughton Primary School held a ‘design a nose’ competition.  It’s also nice to see local initiatives benefit from these efforts and one of the previous local beneficiaries of Red Nose Day was the Broomhouse Centre in Saughton  which helps older people who are experiencing social isolation. With such worthy causes gaining the benefit, it’s hard not to join in.

What did Steiner Do on Red Nose Day?

On Red Nose Day, Friday 15th March 2019, Edinburgh Steiner School pupils gave donations to have their noses painted and , for a little extra, their eyebrows too. However, the face paint was a little different; the lovely lady, Netty McLeod, painted the faces using eco, toxic-free, allergen-free paint with all natural (non-synthetic) sponges. This is better for the little faces and also in keeping with the school’s ethos of working with natural products as much as possible. Steiner schools encourage holistic natural development and this concept can be seen throughout the whole of the school and their activities.

Steiner described his ideal of a comprehensive education as one that encompasses everyone regardless of of social or religious background. The basis of this ‘art of education’ was  – and still is – a deep understanding of the physical, emotional , intellectual and spiritual needs of the developing human being.

Edinburgh Steiner School website.
A Steiner Pupil Contributing to Red Nose Day.

Friday was also the perfect day for Red Nose Day to fall on because Edinburgh Steiner School have their Friday market just inside the school gates every week where students and parents can set up stalls to fund raise for their class funds which supports trips and treats for the children and also for external good causes, such as medical detection dogs which was one of the good causes they were raising funds for on the same day as Red Nose Day. Garvald Farm also provide a stall full of vegetarian and organic baked goodies at very reasonable prices and Friday at around 1 pm is when you can see the happiness and community spirit of Edinburgh Steiner School in full and natural swing, buy some tasty treats and contribute to the various fund raising initiatives which inevitably take place at that time.

Garvald Farm, West Linton.

If you would like to know more about Edinburgh Steiner School or you are considering this school for your child, see their website where you will find relevant contact information. They also have a facebook page if you wish to keep up to date with the latest events via social media.