A Lunch Trip to Masti – The Latest Indian Restaurant in Morningside

This winter in Edinburgh has been a bit bleak this year. The weather has delivered the usual freezing, windy conditions that Edinburgh is well know for and we’re just starting to see the very first buds of new life coming to the trees. The storms this year have been given great names like Ciara and Dennis and we’re all getting a bit fed up with grey sky and rain lashing on our faces. Scottish winters definitely make you want to eat and hybernate so what better time to pay a visit to the many lovely eateries lining the high street in Morningside.


The latest addition to this lovely area of Edinburgh is Masti. An Indian restaurant, serving beautiful fresh food in unpretentious surroundings, where you can bring your own wine if you wish. The service is excellent and I must say, every mouthful of what I ate was absolutely scrumptious.

If you prefer to eat halal, then Masti is a good choice for you in Edinburgh.

There’s something a bit decadent about eating a meal as lush as this in the middle of the day but if you can forgive yourself the indulgence, as I did, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Curry at Masti.

As soon as we entered we were seated at a table near the window. The restaurant was warm and cosy and we were able to take our time looking over the menu and were given recommendations by our waiter, who was courtesy itself.

During our meal, one of the party realised that his choice of food wasn’t what he’d thought it would be and, upon telling this to our waiter, we were immediately offered an alternative which was much more in keeping with the diner’s expectations. You really can’t do better than that.

The bustling high street in Morningside, Edinburgh.

Morningside is part of Edinburgh but it really is a place in its own right. In Morningside, you can find everything you need and the high street here is very much alive which is not the case everywhere these days. The many and varied small independent retailers do the area proud as do the people who are loyal and continue to shop local. Here, you can find a library, a supermarket, a post office, an antiques shop, an art gallery, boutiques, bridal shops, traditional sweet shops and florist and much more.

flowers can be bought from Harvest Garden in Morningside

So, if you decide to pay Morningside a visit and have your lunch at Masti, you could also prepare yourself for a stroll around the shops while you’re there.

A Spicy Treat in Edinburgh’s Tollcross.

South Indian Food in Edinburgh

Edinburgh could never be blamed for not offering choice. Every type of food can be eaten in every type of place and you can be quite spoiled for choice there. Mainly, when tourists come, they tend to stick to the areas in the city centre but what delights await them if they wander away from the main streets and into the quieter areas?

Delicious South Indian Food

One of these open secrets is Nilgiri Spice in the Tollcross area. Sitting bold as brass on Brougham Street yet seeming to hide in plain sight, the unassuming front of the restaurant not really revealing the delights waiting for you inside.

We decided to venture in one evening after passing it several times, not expecting much. For some reason its modest attire made us underestimate its worth, which can often be the case however, we were wrong. The food we were about to eat would change our perspective.

Gulabjam, a South Indian Dessert.

We didn’t want anything too spicy and many of the menu items were new to us, we also had a child with us who loves Indian food but if you have kids, you’ll know that sometimes they like things very specific.

The staff who served us were wonderful, explaining all the dishes to us and putting up with all our silly questions about what was in it and how it was cooked and even though we sounded a bit unsure of our menu choices, the chef made sure it was cooked and presented just the way the waiter said it would be. Part of being a good waiter is managing expectations and we were certainly satisfied that we had been served with the same dish we had ordered.

Very Tasty Pakora and Chicken Vada at Nilgiri Spice

Everything was perfect, right down to the mango lassi (a yoghurt based drink) recommended to the youngest member of our group and we will definitely be repeat customers.

Nilgiri Spice is a family run business serving authentic South Indian food. The menu features choices for both meat eaters and vegetarians and comprises starters, main courses, special dishes and desserts. Alcohol can be purchased there and the wine list had some good selections to accompany your meal.

Delicious Lamb and Chicken meals at Nilgiri Spice.

We would highly recommend this restaurant and please let us know if you enjoy it as much as we did.