Going for a Mexican – in Edinburgh

Sombrero a la Chiquito

Going for a Mexican – in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is full to the brim with great eateries of all kinds. You can buy fast food, traditional Scottish food, food from all over the world and it doesn’t matter if you eat meat, are vegetarian or vegan, there will be something for you in Edinburgh.

Tourists tend to stick to the city centre which is great, has everything you need and you will be spoilt for choice but what if you want to see something else? When we wanted to have a business meeting with the team from Keyholders International we went for a visit to Fort Kinnaird Retail Park which is in the Newcraighall area of Edinburgh. Just off the city bypass if you are travelling by car or, if you are using public transport to plan your trip, there are plenty of options. Either way, this large shopping and entertainment site is very accessible.

Comfortable seating arrangements allow small or large groups to enjoy a relatively peaceful dining experience.

Whilst there, we decided to eat in Chiquito , a very popular Mexican themed family restaurant. When we first entered, we found the staff who greeted us very friendly and our first impression was certainly promising. Guiding us to our table, our waiter handed us the menus and made sure we were comfortable before getting our drinks order which arrived in double quick time. Although part of a chain, the service felt very personalised and the staff were cheery and actually looked as if they enjoyed their work. The food menu was very good and varied. So much to choose from, we had to ponder for a while before settling on chicken fajitas .  We also noted that there were gluten free options as well as vegetarian; well worth remembering if you are a large group trying to cater for various needs.

Warm earthy colours and comfortable seating booths make you feel right at home.

When our meal arrived, it looked mouth watering and it was a very generous portion so, for those among us that like a bit extra, this is definitely the place.  The dips given routinely can be changed, which we did, requesting more sour cream and guacamole rather than salsa. Things like this seem small but you’d be surprised at how many eateries refuse to change even the slightest thing about their menu so, when we find somewhere that accommodates a  request with a smile, we tend to go back again. Suffice to say, our meal was delicious, filling and the waitress even came to ask us if we needed any more dips or tortillas even though we had ample. It’s this kind of customer service that brings people back in your door and we will certainly be back to Chiquito at Fort Kinnaird.

disfrute de su comida

How to find Chiquito


Look for Odeon Cinema and Chiquito is just 3 units along from there. The local bus stops very nearby and there are ample car parking spaces.

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